Benefits of CIC (Cable in Conduit) HDPE

Sun and wind. Plentiful, renewable and clean. Wind and solar energy continues to increase with the demand for more clean energy in an environmentally conscious society. Wind and Solar Farms are springing up across the country and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit plays a role in distributing energy into a usable power source. HDPE conduit is the carrier and protector of power and fiber optic cables that enables transmission to the substation for distribution. Advances in the extrusion of HDPE conduit now allow the cables to be installed during the manufacturing process to create a system ready for underground installation. CIC, or Cable in Conduit is available with power cable or fiber optic cable (for command and control) and is especially economical for plowing and directional drilling applications.

  • Long continuous lengths on steel reels are ideal for directional drilling, plowing, or trenching
  • One step installation is an economical advantage over PVC stick pipe
  • Conduit diameters available in ½” to 6”
  • Conduit protects single or multiple cables before, during and after installation
  • Manufactured to UL, NEC and Bellcore standards
  • Conduit Specifications
  • Resin material per ASTM D3350
  • Manufactured per ASTM F2160 and NEMA TC-7
  • CIC per UL 1990, NEC and ASTM D3485
  • Conduit is listed to UL 651A
  • CIC listed to UL 1990
  • A variety of color and striping combinations available with identification and continuous footage markings